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I had so much fun on Sunday!

I woke up early to spend Jordan's birthday with him. I woke up to my alarm at 9 am, grumbled a lot and called then Jordan to see what was up to. 

Jordan, his parents and I went to a resturant and had breakfast/lunchie mmm...

Then Jordan and I hung out at his house for a while until we went to pick up his friend Rachel and eat at Walker Bros. That was a lot of fun too. Also note that this is the first time I had EVER eaten at Walker Bros (yes I still live under a freakin rock :p) so I didn't know what to get but, out of pure insanity I decided to eat a German Pancake. I should have known something would be wrong from the way Jordan was sniggering at me and the fact that it takes twenty minutes to make the damn thing when they brought it out my mouth dropped open.  

I realized when I started eating it that I could fit my whole head inside it. For those of you who don't know...

That is a German Pancake. I will never eat that thing unless I have been deprived of food for at least a week. But I was so proud of myself that I finished it. Yay! Though I felt kinda sick  after a while.

Afterward, Jordan Rachel and I went to Gillson Park and hung out at the playground until we met up with Mark who is..Rachel's boyfriend? (errr they have a long complicated history so I don't ask!) and we walked to the beach. 

The beach was so beautiful..the sky was so dark and the waves crashing into the shore. I wished Jamie was there so he could have seen it. He would have loved it. 

But, afterward we walked back. Jordan, Rachel, and Mark were talking about camp stuff and I wasn't really listening and I was a bit tired. But, we walked back to our car and we said goodbye and Jordan and I headed home.

I had a lot of fun hanging out with Jordan on his birthday.  It was a lot of fun and I wouldn't have spent the day with anyone else. :)

But now on a more sobering moment...

I found this on Yahoo news: 

Rowling says 2 characters die in final Potter book  

Haven't you killed off enough people in the series! I think Rowling is jerking us around and throughly enjoying it. 

There is the linkie to the article if you are interested in reading it.

  All I have to say about it is: Please let it be Snape and Voldemort! Or maybe that is wishful thinking.

But otherwise my life is good right now. I am still stuck at Jewel but I can live with it..for now at least. Though I had a really bitchy customer last week who was complaining about waiting and well lets just say I really wanted to drop kick her head/imagine her head on a pike.. but otherwise I am ok.

Jordan and I really need to get together and plan my party. But, for now I am going to go home, watch Samurai Champloo and maybe something else and get some much needed relaxing time down. I can't wait. 

Oh and I really want to hang out with peoples. So anyone want to chillax with me that would be awesome.  :)

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