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I have a job interview today.

Don't be nervous, don't be nervous. Butterflies go away!

Oh and I got a speeding ticket yesterday. I was going a lovely 40 mph on a 25 and an unmarked police car caught me.

It was kind of funny cause when I was waiting for the police to talk to me I was thinking of a church sermon that I went to one Sunday. The pastor was talking about how we don't pray enough and when we do we only do so on rare occasions. Like when you get pulled over by the police you make a quick prayer. I thought of how true that was.

I did a quick prayer too.

Oh and I'm going to this award's banquet tonight at Harper with Jordan as his date. Should be fun.

Six days.

This summer should definitely be interesting.

I'm still on the job hunt.
Jordan and I are planning my I'm-turning-21-years-old-lets-go-insane party.
But, we still don't know what to do for entertainment. Alcohol will be provided(no parents are invited bwahahaha!) We calculated that the party will cost over a $1,000 for everything.

I'm still nervous.
Wish me luck on the interview.

I will update later!

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