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Stupid work..fuck you.

So..I've been working for three weeks and I hate my job.  But then again doesn't everyone hate summer jobs in some way? 

But I especially loathe my job with all my heart.

Don't get me wrong the people are nice and all, I realize from the start just like when I worked at Dominick's that I hate people.  I hate the Deli and Jewel.

I hate how they sound cheerful when you sign on and how you sign your life away. From the union, to the Federal tax papers and the papers that state that Jewel is not responsible if you get hurt. 

I hate staying late at night till 10 pm to clean up and still deal with stupid people who come in after 10:00 pm thinking the Deli is still open.  when there is a sign that clearly states that the deli is closed everynight at  10:00 PM!

So..I'm saying fuck you Jewel.

Fuck you and your cult like mentality.

Fuck the people who come in at 9:55 pm asking for meat and cheese expecting me to be cheerful and happy when all I want to do is run around the counter and beat them.

Fuck you and your so called "customer service bullshit"

Fuck you all.

<dealing with anger issues>

I plan on quitting soon. Jordan's father company is offering an internship that I am thinking of taking up. The work sounds ok and the pay is good. It makes me wonder why I didn't take an internship in the beginning of the summer.

I also want to hang out with people as soon much as possible. I've been having a lot of fun chillin with Megs, Susan and Jordan. Especially Megs who visited me at work and scared the crap at me and so many happy memories at 7/11.

I really need to update this thing more.

Well, I have to go and deal with people till 10:00 tonight. Wish me luck.

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