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Yesterday I woke up early, drove to Wheeling and peed in a cup for Jewel.

Afterward I picked up Jordan and we drove to Northwest Community Hospital.

We walked a mile around the hospital trying to figure out where to go in, arrived all breathless on the second floor, met Jamie's parents and waited.

I hated waiting. It was possibly the worst part of the whole day. Except for the hour I spent with Jamie in a tiny room before his surgery with his parents and Jordan, cracking jokes and waiting some more. I absolutely hated it.

I was glad to see Jamie for a bit before his jaw surgery but after we left to sit in a large room with people, watching everybody move in and out and waited some more.

I hate hospitals. I have only been in hospitals twice. First time, when I was born. I was a helpless crying bundle of confusion . The second time I was in high school and everything blurred together and into two distinct moments that whole day.

I remember my mother rushing home and rushing out and inbetween those times the words of "Your father's in the hospital" was the only thing I registered. I felt like I was sleepwalking when we visited him in the hospital later that night. My father caught pneumonia and he was sick for a week before it started spreading to his lungs and he was rushed to the hospital.

I don't know why I hated hospitals. But, the only thing I knew about hospitals the sterile, ugly smell that seemed like it was covering up something more that I hated the most.

Northwest Community Hospital wasn't that bad. But, I was relieved by the end of the day after all that waiting I saw Jamie and I realized he was going to be ok.

I am going to see him Wednesday and possibly the last time in weeks because I am going to be busy with work.

My work schedule looks like this for now:

1/4 Price Book and Media Training:

Thursday: 9:45-4:00

Friday: 9:45-4:00

Jewel Training:

Saturday: 9:30-1:00 pm

Afterward I will scream to the sky NO MORE TRAINING!! 

But I told my boss at 1/4 Price Book and Media that It would be better for me to work mornings and afternoons. I have a feeling that if my schedule stays this way then I will work till 4 pm at bookstore job and rush to Jewel who needs me at 4 pm (or 6 pm) till 10 pm at night. Repeat


Wish me luck.
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