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Rest In Peace

Although I didn't know you very well cept for one year in choir. I still thought you were funny. Always finding new ways to piss off Mr Heck.

Explanation time...

I just found this out yesterday but, Jeff Melton was a boy who went to Hersey and he was I think a grade or two younger then me but, I didn't know him too well. He was kicked out of choir because he and two other boys were found drinking. At Turnabout last Saturday either before or after the dance he overdosed on Heroin and was taken to the hospital. He was released because he seemed to be better and then while at home, he overdosed on heroin again nd died.

I didn't know him very well but I still thought he seemed pretty cool. It just came as a shock to me since I couldn't believe something like this could happen.

Its kinda hard for me to transition from gloomy news to other happenings of my life..but here goes anyway.

I argued with my mom over curfew and breaking promises. Which lead to bitchiness and being ignored by my mom for three days. I love my how my parents handle the situation. :p

Now my curfew is 11:30 pm.
Yes I am twenty years old. (*gasp* what?!)
And that is stupidly early.
I wonder if I can keep that damn curfew. We shall see.

I saw Jamie last Saturday. I had a great time hanging out with Jamie, Nick and Joe. (though listening to Joe's dead baby jokes in a Russian accent scared me. o.o)

Realizing that I still love Jamie after a year and half of dating makes me very happy inside.  There has been less and less fighting for the two of us and more closeness and intimacy. I love being with him and I can't stop smiling whenever we are together. But, enough of the mushy stuff... 

Jamie showed this to me and It made me laugh...

I cut it cause the image is too damn big.

Type your cut contents here.

Geeky Galore: Sexual furries... *shudders*

Rainbow Parties:  A rainbow party is a gathering in which the male participants engage in acts of oral gratification with same or different sex partners. The person giving the oral gratification must wear a certain color lipstick of the rainbow (ROY G BIV). By the end of the night, the males' goal is to leave the party with rainbow decorated gentalia.


Oh the things you learn in Sociology class.... o.o

and this is for all those Azumanga Daioh/Osaka Fans...Jamie found a video on Osaka and he showed it to me and its pretty good.

Waka Laka For Osaka:

and on that note...I g2g to math class. Update lata.

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